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Dance Classes

Class Styles...


A folk style dance in which clog taps are used to produce lively rhythmic sounds.


A mixture of Jazz and Modern to interpret the music to tell a story.

A technical for of dance using fancy footwork, Jumps, and turns,  Teaching terminology, discipline, and self control.

Learning to master the control of the foot to produce rhythmic sounds to music.

An upbeat, energetic form of dance which includes an array of styles.

Hip Hop
Learn the latest dance moves seen on youtube, popping, locking and breaking.

A mixture of Jazz and Ballet to interpret the music and tell a story.

The class will focus on building strength, flexibility, agility, and balance while learning to tumble and stunt. 


The class will focus on building one's flexibility and understanding our body's movements and strengths, a well as working on technique in one's leaps and turns

Musical Theater

Combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance


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